4 Virtues that HELP you carry out a decision

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Hello fellow Mama,

So you have made up your mind. You have made that decision, but how how are you doing about taking the first step? What internal virtues do we need in order to carry out our plan, dream, and decision?

What I have learned, after having to carry out a decision many times, is to practice the four following attributes. Maybe you already apply these virtues, maybe you need to practice them for the first time. Whatever the case may be, these virtues must be manifested at the very beginning of that new stage, project, goal, dream or way of life, in order to be propelled into the following steps.


When you have firm determination, you have resolve. Once you have made up your mind about what you want to do or say, when you have decided on what steps you must take next, having RESOLVE will propel you with strength and determination and taking the first step will be so much easier.  You will feel an energy that will give you certainty, even if you know no decision can ever be perfect, your conscious resolve will set your mind for success.


As you might know, courage is not the absence of fear. If we are feeling fear, and we carry out our intention anyways, despite the scary thoughts of danger or failure, we are practicing hero-making courage. Courage will also give us strength to press on and believe in your resolve.


To have faith in something or someone is believing in them. Faith is feeling  and knowing that even though you might feel insufficient or unprepared, your divine source will help you along the way and will, if you are consciously connected to the divine, bring a sense of peace in the midst of challenging stages of your future actions.


We hear it all the time: Be Thankful. Why should we be thankful? What I have learned is that when we are full of gratitude, of everything in our life (even the tests and difficulties), we end negative feelings and we stop thoughts of protesting, criticizing, blaming, seeing ourselves as a victim, and having a pessimist outlook.

If we practice these wonderful  spiritual qualities when we are taking the first step, we will armed with divine force, and will continually be inspired by our own efforts and results.


Loving Plan of Action

Write at least one example of what each of these virtues would “look like” in your particular situation. Visualizing yourself in action will make manifesting them so much easier.


Sweet Idea

 When you take the first step, give yourself a special THANK YOU for being there for yourself. You’ve got your back girl!


Love and best wishes!

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