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Hola Pretty Mama,

Nayyan ChandlerMy name is Nayyan Chandler, I’m a mama to four wonderful children, 3 boys (16, 8 and 3) and one girl (11). I had my first baby at 24, but before I became pregnant with my first baby I thought that I wasn’t going to be a mom, ever. Not because I didn’t want to, on the contrary (I really wanted to!), but because I thought that having a baby was such a HUGE miracle that I somehow thought that it wasn’t going to happen to me… it just felt like such a big dream. Well, it turned out my dearest dream came true, and I’m so so grateful because now witness 4 miracles unfolding right in front of my eyes, every day. I feel very blessed.


Has it been easy breezy for me? No way! Specially because I have chosen to be a work/stay at home mom for most of my mothering years. But, regardless of whether you are able to stay with your babies or need to work outside the home, being a good mom is no easy job. Sure, we all have our “motherly” instincts, but we constantly need to educate ourselves and acquire new skills to be the best mom possible. The fact that we have given birth doesn’t automatically make us good moms, so we must work on it. Every day.

Nayyan and Kian 2011

We don’t have to be perfect moms. However, do you think that we should strive to be good moms, to educate our kids the best way possible and to prepare them to be positive contributors to this world? You probably do. And just like you, I’m just a mom trying, every day. Well, this is why I created this website: I want to find other moms who share my interests, so we can inspire each other, learn from each other and strengthen each other. Sometimes, being a dedicated mom can be very lonely for a few years…more so if you’re a single mama, or don’t have the support you need. I know, I’ve been there. But know that your job as a mother is so very important, and that you CAN make a huge difference in the life of your children, and in turn, the world.

Other things I do…

I’m also a web designer. I’m an artist in the re-birthing process (more about that here).  I’m also a digital-scrapbooking designer, and I like to create sets of digital designs that scrappers can use in their digital layouts.

I consider myself a world citizen, and I see our planet as everybody’s “home town”. I was born and raised in Chile, South America (my mom is Chilean and my Dad is from the United States.) I have lived in other countries as well (Israel for 1 year and Estonia for 2 years), and I have visited about 11 other countries. I LOVE to travel. Luckily, I did most of my traveling before I had my first baby. However, I have incurable wanderlust and I’m sure I will find myself traveling again someday. Today, with my husband and kids, we live in sunny California.

Thank you SO much for being interested in this website. I love that you are here, and I hope we can virtually meet, so please leave me a comment (it will really make my day, I promise)

With Love,

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Here are some scrapbooks of my family ♥


With my Daughter Arianna

My Sons Nick, Matias and Kian

With my hubby and my son Kian