Mothers are Truly Amazing

Hello friends, I’m happy to be writing again. These last few months have been very tough.  I was debating with myself to whether or not share what happened in my life during these last few months, and I decided it’s a story that, although very personal, could help other moms cope with the same difficulty. […]

Optimize Your Walking Program with Power Walking

Hello there beautiful, If your walking-routine isn’t giving you the results you need,  consider power walking.  Power Walking  is a great way to optimize your walking routine. Here are some easy to do tips to improve your daily walk: Give attention to your posture while you’re walking To get the most out of our power […]

Web Design Education: Academic vs. Self-taught

 Hello Smart Mama, So you’re wondering about academic vs. self-taught Web Design Education? Before I started studying for a bachelor’s degree in web design and interactive media at the Art Institute of Pittsburg Online Division (AIO), I was confused about whether I should train myself through online courses or get a formal instruction though an […]

Taking a Class on Cognitive Psychology

Hello lovely lady, I’m taking a class on Cognitive Psychology. I just started it and I wanted to post some of the assignments I’m doing so that you can also enjoy it. I love psychology, and although my major is in web design and multimedia  I decided to take this elective to learn more about human behavior. […]

Free Origami Tutorials for Christmas

Hi Mamas, Here are some cool and useful origami tutorials for making a paper Christmas Tree and a lovely paper Mary. This is a great activity for those cold days in which the kids need to stay indoors. Plus, there can be colored, painted or decorated and made into ornaments for the tree. Enjoy!       (PDF download link […]

Virtue: Enthusiasm

What is Enthusiasm? Enthusiasm is a feeling of excitement, of eager enjoyment, of lively interest in an idea, a person, a situation, a project or a belief. Being enthusiastic  will lift you, and others,  from  pessimistic thoughts and behaviors. Being enthusiastic is being connected to the overwhelming creative energy we all have inside. The word […]

3 Things You can do to have Breastfeeding Success

Hello beautiful, I remember when my first baby was born almost 15 years ago. I was  24 years old, happy, scared, exited, terrified, overjoyed and had a feeling that could be called blind faith. I kept telling myself to TRUST in my natural instincts, to TRUST that God would guide me to be a good […]

Why your skin and hair LOVE Coconut Oil

Hello Mamas, Today really I want to talk about Coconut oil, because I really love this stuff (and my skin and hair love it too.) I have lived in the California desert for about 5 years now, and believe me the weather is wonderful in winter, spring and fall, but in summer time it can […]

3 Top Reasons to Choose Organic Food for your Family

  Organic food is produced without the use of antibiotics, hormones, synthetic fertilizers, and artificial pesticides. Why is that so important? Food that comes from antibiotic treated animals. The main concern about consuming food products that come from antibiotic treated animals is not only that the antibiotics that are transferred into the human body after […]