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Lovely artsy mamas,

During the first months of the year I was searching for an online art class; a class that would refresh my memory (I hadn’t created anything “by hand” in years!) and that would teach me new and fun techniques. I was searching online using keywords such as watercolor, acrylics, etc, and all of a sudden (as it usually happens) I found myself looking at the most beautiful painting of an angelic girl who looked in a deep contemplative state. I immediately loved it! I gaze at it for a few minutes trying to figure out what materials had been used (couldn’t figure it out), and then I decided to read “about” the picture (yeah the obvious move) and I read : “Mixed Media Art” by Tamara Laporte. Wow, I was in love with this new found art! I then found out that that it wasn’t a NEW art medium, but that it had been around for years and there were huge communities working together to learn more. That’s how I found WILLOWING.ORG

I immediately joined a wonderful group that was planning to work together all year (called the LIFE BOOK group… what a magical name yeah?), learning different techniques and sharing with each other their work and knowledge, networking to grow their art skills and/or businesses and their souls (believe me, this IS soul food). So here’s the first painting I made:

Nayyan Mixed Media Art at Willowing dot org

This particular LIFE BOOK group that journeys together for a whole year, has the main purpose (besides teaching you how to make mixed media art) of honoring and celebrating YOU. Tam is joined by 14 other incredible art teachers who professionally prepare to carry you through an experience of self-development and healing. At the end of the year, they teach you how to put all of your work together in one glorious art journal. I can’t wait to see mine!

This group is open all year round, even though it starts at the beginning of the year. It is very affordable and it allows you to download the lessons (videos and PDFs) and participate and look around in the forums for your class/classes. If you check them out you will also see that they have many other classes, including some free ones (check out the Art, Heart & Healing class). I will do a review on those when I take them (because I AM planning to take them, oh yes! ♥)

I hope this information is useful to you, and that if you decide to join, please look me up so we can be friends in the artist community.

We are all artists.

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P.S. Your level of knowledge is not important. If you are an experienced artist or a total newbie you will LOVE this amazing art community.



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