Optimize Your Walking Program with Power Walking

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power walking

Hello there beautiful,

If your walking-routine isn’t giving you the results you need,  consider power walking.  Power Walking  is a great way to optimize your walking routine. Here are some easy to do tips to improve your daily walk:

Give attention to your posture while you’re walking

To get the most out of our power walk, we’ll need to follow the correct form. When we do a power walk, experienced power walkers teach us that  we need to keep our arms swinging, our chin up, and get our toes pointing up with each forward step (some refer to this as keeping your heels up. Either way, the point is to get your legs and feet moving in a heel-ball-toe formation).


power walkingMake each step a BIG one

Although it might be awkward at first, we must take lunging steps. When we usually walk fast, which is part of power walking, we move fast but we don’t take long strides (some power walkers use small steps, however more and more enthusiast power walkers are finding that long strides is the way to go). We can also mix it around: do some small steps, extra-long strides and even try lunges while we’re at it. The lunges will give our legs an extra workout and work the muscles a bit differently than the shorter strides. I’ve also tried to squeeze in some short spurts of running (for one block or so), and THAT really get your heart pumping!


Let’s Tighten our Muscles

As we boost our walking program and start to really get into power walking, we can amp it up even more by squeezing key muscle groups as we walk. Our rear and tummy are two places where contracting those muscles while we walk can help squeeze the most out of our workout.



power walkingGet in the SPEED zone

This might sound funny, but it actually works: when we’re on our powers walk, we must convince ourselves that we’re in a big hurry, late for some very important event or appointment. Think in terms of hustle, hustle rather than a pleasant stroll. However. don’t stress about it! Know you’ll get there but that you must hurry.  Another great tip for getting in the speed zone is listening to upbeat, active music while we walk. Experts also teach us that ideally we should aim for 4 1/2 miles per hour, but this is not a speed that most people can achieve automatically. So make this a goal and start out walking as fast as you can (with the proper form), and work up to the 4 1/2 mph goal.  A good idea is to carry a pedometer to see how many steps you’re taking in what distance and time frame.


Remember to breathe!

When we breathe deeply and efficiently while we exercise, our blood will absorbs more oxygen, providing more fuel to our muscles. When we power walk, which is considered an aerobic activity, our heart rate increases, which allows more oxygen into our lungs, and it forces more carbon dioxide out of our system. Oh, and please remember to never inhale through your mouth as it will give you a side crap for sure. Let’s breathe lady, consciously breathe. An uplifting practice is to think “I’m letting go of all things negative” while we exhale, and while we inhale think “I’m letting love and joy come into my life”.


power walkingDrink water

It’s super important that we keep our body hydrated. Drink a half a glass of water  before going out. If it’s comfortable for you, take a water bottle, or even better get a water camel. When you get back, also drink water, as much as you want. Try adding a few drops of lemon to improve the taste.


Be safe

If you start feeling dizzy or lightheaded, stop walking. Take a 3-5 minute break. So some deep soft breathing (inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth). When you’re ready continue your walk, slowly if you need to. Don’t pressure yourself. The more you train your body to this new activity, the easier it will become with time.


Here are some awesome books about power walking:


Power Walking: A Journey to Wholeness by Maxine Bigby Cunningham


The Beginner’s Guide to Power Walking by Janice Meakin


Walking: A Complete Guide to the Complete Exercise by Casey Meyers


Oh, and check out this Pedometer!

Happy power walking!




Images thanks to Free Stock Photos

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